What makes a Marine?

Many people have different answers to this question. Some might say strength, another might say courage. Ask a recruit and they would probably say a Drill Instructor. But the making of a Marine goes deeper than your obvious answer.

Desire is the main ingredient. When recruits sign up for boot camp, they want it bad. The title of being a United States Marine burns within and for those who make it, it never weakens. They will endure 13 hellish weeks of training. They will crawl through dirt and mud without ever spitting it out. They will run themselves into the ground to the point they don’t want to take another step. They pop their rifles so hard they never notice their bruised skin.

Mix desire with a little trust and you will have non-swimmers jumping off the deep end, city boys shooting at moving targets and men with acrophobia climbing the stairway to heaven without ever looking back. There is nothing this combination won’t bear.

What’s your answer? Follow me on a 13-week journey through boot camp with Golf Company, and at the end, you can decide for yourself. But whatever the case may be, Marines are made. America, you can sleep sound tonight.

[Editors Note: Opinions expressed are not to be considered an official expression of the DoD, DoN, or the USMC.]

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About echo5fox

Sgt. Frasier enlisted in the Marine Corps July 2005 from Florida at the age of 18. After completing boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, she proceeded to Marine Combat Training in North Carolina. In 2006, she attended the Personnel Administration Course aboard Camp Johnson, N.C. She was stationed at Camp Lejeune upon graduation of her military occupational specialty. After deploying to Iraq with 3/10 in 2008, Sgt. Frasier reenlisted with the option to lateral move into another occupation, combat correspondent. Sgt. Frasier has worked at The Globe, the base newspaper aboard Camp Lejeune; The Convoy, the group circular for 1st Marine Logistics Group and The Chevron, the base paper for Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Sgt. Frasier served as the Community relations and Media noncommisioned officer in charge for the Public Affairs Office aboard the depot. Currently she is the Marketing and Public Affairs Director for Recruiting Station Chicago, 9th Marine Corps District. Her awards include the National Defense Service Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism, Good Conduct Medal (2), Iraqi Campaign Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2) and the Navy Unit Commendation Medal.

17 thoughts on “What makes a Marine?

  1. I’m right there with u 🙂 so excited to follow this and see my husband become a marine! Thank u for doing this..this is such a huge blessing to me! Love u kyle petersen <333

    • We will watch him together become a United States Marine. Kyle you have a lot of family and friends behind you. Go get them Devil Dog.


  2. The back of that head, I know it. Platoon honor man. My family believed he had it in him, but I doubt he would have found it without his DI’s and his fellow boots, now fellow Marines. Our first Marine was two generations ago- same thing. Our pride in our Marines, in all Marines, is exceeded only by our gratitude, admiration and respect for their DI’s.

  3. Thank you for this blog! Looking forward to following the 13 wk boot camp journey our son is on with Golf Company!

  4. My nephew Brendan Shanahan just went to the USMC on August 22nd I know his parebts raised him right nd we love him. I have another coworker thats son is also there his name is Jadan Hartley his mom misses him too. The few the proud the Marines

  5. Thanks for giving us parents/family this site to follow our loved ones. Very excited and proud to follow my son through his 13 weeks of boot camp. Then he will become one of the few, the proud, the Marines! I miss him so, already. He is with Golf Co. Plt. 2154.

  6. Thank you for letting me see my sons company and plt 2156 Idid not see him but I new a couple that went there with him on the plane I would like to thank Sgt Fraiser for the videos it makes a world of difference to the parents even though you did our didn’t see your children at least we know what they are doing my wife and I didnt receive a call so it really helped us my son turned 18 today so happy birthday Joshua Law you will be a great MARINE love you buddy.

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