Power outage

Recruit family and friends, don’t be alarmed for the power outage in San Diego. Your recruits will continue to train to their fullest capability with the assistance of their drill instructors.

One thing the Marines are good at is accountability. No man (or recruit) will go left behind.

At the beginning of training, they were taught to count off. This consists of them standing on line in front of their racks (beds) or in formation and count out loud consecutively then snapping their heads to the left.

Accountability is taken many, many times throughout the day. You can rest assured that your recruit is safe.

P.S. – they spent the last hours of day light practicing drill. Time well spent if you’d ask me.

[Editors Note: Opinions expressed are not to be considered an official expression of the DoD, DoN, or the USMC.]

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Sgt. Frasier enlisted in the Marine Corps July 2005 from Florida at the age of 18. After completing boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, she proceeded to Marine Combat Training in North Carolina. In 2006, she attended the Personnel Administration Course aboard Camp Johnson, N.C. She was stationed at Camp Lejeune upon graduation of her military occupational specialty. After deploying to Iraq with 3/10 in 2008, Sgt. Frasier reenlisted with the option to lateral move into another occupation, combat correspondent. Sgt. Frasier has worked at The Globe, the base newspaper aboard Camp Lejeune; The Convoy, the group circular for 1st Marine Logistics Group and The Chevron, the base paper for Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. Sgt. Frasier served as the Community relations and Media noncommisioned officer in charge for the Public Affairs Office aboard the depot. Currently she is the Marketing and Public Affairs Director for Recruiting Station Chicago, 9th Marine Corps District. Her awards include the National Defense Service Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism, Good Conduct Medal (2), Iraqi Campaign Medal, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2) and the Navy Unit Commendation Medal.

9 thoughts on “Power outage

  1. My friend there said he hasn’t received any of my letters, yet all his friends have. He is in 2nd Bn Golf Co. Plt. 2150….Do any of you know if your recruit received any of your letters?
    i know the letters keep them movitated, and i really want him to get my letters so he knows someone is thinking about him…

    thank you.

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