Family and friends of Company G recruits

The recruits have completed the crucible!

Updates will be made to the blog Nov. 15.

For questions, email

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75 thoughts on “Family and friends of Company G recruits

    • That’s the same info I’m trying to find out. If a recruit gets injured and is unable to finish the Crucible, how soon can he notify his parents?


  2. I’m bursting with pride for all these young men who can now proudly say they are US Marines!
    My sincere thanks to the the Golf Company Drill Instructors and everyone who sacrified their time with families and loved ones to teach our sons over the last 3 months, including Sgt. Frasier for this blog. I told my son this was not only his journey, his path, but mine as well when he gave me a new title as a Marine Mom. Because of your blog, I have a greater understand and pride for why one would want to become a Marine. This is the beginning of an awesome journey with my son! Thank you!

  3. Sean’s mom – you could not have said it any better. That is exactly how I feel. From what I understand the Drill Instructors work twice as hard as the recruits. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you!! For getting me through these last 12 weeks. I am very proud of my sons decision in joining the Marine Corps. Through this journey, I have gained knowledge and respect for our military. Thank you!

  5. Semper FI Kyle Petersen. You now belong to the brotherhood of Marines and NO ONE can ever take that from you. A Legacy has been started Semper FI Son

    Love DAD

  6. Thank You, thank you, Sgt. Frazier for all you have done for us parents/family. I agree with all the above replies. I also, have gained such a respect and great knowlege just from your blog. Honestly, I do not know what I would have done without your blog. You will always be remebered. My son is Joseph Villegas, Plt. 2154.

  7. I am so happy and proud. What a blessing it has been to follow my son’s journey through boot camp. I was hoping to see some photos of the EGA ceremony, but will willingly wait until the 15th to see them. Thank you, Sgt Frasier!

  8. Thank you, Sgt. Fraiser, for all the time and effort you’ve put into this project following the recruits of Golf Company. You have given me an even greater respect and a new perspective on what it takes to become a United States Marine.
    Congratulations, to all the new Marines of Golf Company!

  9. And one week from today we get to see our new Marines! Can’t wait to meet you, Sgt. Frasier, and thank you in person for keeping me sane for the past 12 weeks!

  10. Thank you SO much Sgt. Frasier! I cannot believe this is nearly over. I must say the past 12 weeks would have been unbearable if not for you. Cannot wait to meet you and personally thank you for all you have done. You supported me throughout one of the most difficult things I’ve had to endure to date. Thank you for all the questions you answered and taking time away from your family so that we might catch a glimpse of our sons. Words cannot express to you how much being here for us has helped me through this process. I think of the very first intake video you posted…and my heart hurt due to the chaos and the fear shown-that did not stop until the ‘lights’ video came out. What a difference to see these young men relaxed, despite the yelling and knowing what to expect and understanding the task at hand. I’ve talked with many parents that did not have the opportunity that we did…being a fly on the wall. All parents said the same thing, “How lucky we are.” I realize that my family is truly fortunate to have this. This gift you have given my family cannot ever be replaced. I thank you for putting your heart and soul into this project, I fear that this Mom has reaped far more rewards than is fair considering the time and effort you have put forth, but I know that one day your goodness will be rewarded. Again I thank you, Happy Marine Corps Birthday to you and now my son! Proud Parent of Plt. 2151.

    • Well said, Nancy! I, too, appreciate all that Sgt Frasier has accomplished with this blog and her photos. She was able to answer questions and alleviate the fears of those parents that had no clue what Marine Corps boot camp was like. I am amazed at how her blogs and photos have brought so many families closer together . . . A tremendous support network has been created!

      I hope this will continue for the companies that follow our sons’ company. It has been an invaluable tool for parents/wives/grandparents/cousins/siblings/friends!

      THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!



    Ma” & Pa.

  12. Ditto to all the replies prior. I’m so proud of the Recruits Earning and Becoming Marines. I’m grateful for the DI Instructors in transforming and mentoring our young men on becoming Marines. I was blessed by Sgt. Whitney being able to take me on the journey to understand how devoted, conscientious, untiring, persistent, and eagerness of determination our sons endured to earn the title “Marine”. I want to thank the Golf Company Family of November 18, 2011 for welcoming me and my family to their families. All this possible by the Grace of God.

  13. WOW! What great timing…..the day before Veteran’s Day! Congrats to all: Recruits, those involved in their “transformation,” parents, families, and friends who supported them, and our favorite journalist, Sgt. Frasier! God bless! Looking forward to celebrating with all of you. If you can’t attend, you are with us in spirit 🙂

  14. Congratulations to all of the brave young men of Golf Company!!!! Can hardly wait for next week!! Thank you Sgt Frasier for the wealth of information you have provided. I agree and can not say it better than Nancy did above…your support for all of us has been tremendous!! ~PLT 2150

    • Congrats to ALL. It’s been a long and hard journey for all, from Recruits to DIs to PARENTS (who can only imagine what’s been going on). Glad recruits and familes will get to see each other VERY Soon!! I can’t wait to hear this message about my recruit who is in another platoon with a later graduation date!!

  15. Congratulations to all the recruits. Thank you to the drill instructors and all who help them gain their new title of Marine. We have never been more proud of our son Justin! and can’t wait to see him next week and meet his new, life-long friends and fellow Marines and their families! Thank you to everyone who gave so much support! God Bless!!
    Plt. 2156

  16. Has anyone else attempted to contact the person/people at My question is, how soon would we be notified if a recruit didn’t make the Crucible? If anyone knows the answer, please leave a reply. Thanks and happy Veterans Day.

  17. Thank you Sgt. Frazier for your service to our great nation and to our recruits. And thank you for helping all of us parents during the last 12 weeks. Your stories have both brought a smile to our face and a tear to our eyes. Thank you. Thank you. Scott’s mom Plt. 2154

  18. Thank you Sgt Frasier for brining us along on this incredible journey our sons are making from becoming boys to becoming Marines. Prior to this parents only knew what the recruiter told them. By having an actual Marine who is moving through boot camp with our sons we have been able to have many of our questions answered. This is an incredible thing the Marine Corps has done for us and I hope they continue the practice in the future. Through your pictures and videos I have fealt the pain and the pride my son has endured. Thank You again. Sempre Fidelis.

  19. Sgt. Whitney Frasier- with the crucible behind us, I wanted take a few minutes and attempt to express my gratitude for many things..
    When my son was born, he had a birth defect. My only child was separated from me immediately after to be flown to a hospital for emergency surgery. As soon as I could get there I prayed and spoke to my only child saying, “fight for me because I am fighting for you.” I watched and marveled at the milestones he achieved throughout his lifetime. I was his biggest supporter, his loudest cheerleader, and his greatest admirer! Before he graduated high school, he told me of his intentions to join the Marines!! I was not happy about this decision! I had many false impressions about Marines!  I did not want my son to become a heartless, stone-cold figure of death! Ultimately, he became of age and overrode me stating, “Mom, freedom isn’t free!” I watched him for as long as I could when he boarded the plane to MCRD!! For weeks after, I called my mother and various friends crying sooo hard that I literally could not breath!! But suddenly my outlook began to take a new direction! I started following your posts and would catch a glimpse of him in a video or picture!! I desired to learn more about the Marines so that I could better understand his decision.  You, Whitney Frasier, have changed my perspective on the Marine Corp. You have shared with us yourself: as a soldier, a mother, a wife, and most importantly an individual. You must know that I felt the passion and loyalty you have for your career in every word you spoke. Because of your blogs, videos, pictures, and interactions, I now know that it is possible to be a compassionate, genuine, and loving Marine! I am sold on the morals and values of the Marine Corp and that was accomplished through your example! Just as you remember your drill instructor, I will look back on my sons bootcamp and will think fondly of you!! What you have given to me, I can  never repay! Most of all…  Thank you for being “real” and giving me the opportunity to experience the Marine Corp at it’s finest!!  Today, I am the proud mother of a Marine and am honored that he will follow in the footsteps of others just like yourself!!  Always believe that The Power of One can change the hearts of many!!  Semper Fi ! 

  20. I so appreciate how the USMC has reached out to families of recruits. This has been the hardest thing I have gone through, leaving my 18 yr old son in downtown Denver with nothing more than the clothes on his back, a $20 bill, a driver’s license, and his social security card. There were many sleepless nights waiting for that first phone call(which never came) and then the waiting for an address. I can’t tell you the many hours I have sat on this computer looking at photos, zooming in and out just to try and get a glimpse of my son. I was sure on the first video Sgt. Frasier posted, I saw the back of his head…..what joy! Then the days proceeding I was able to see his face and feel a since of relief that he looked good. I have so enjoyed the blogs. They have helped me understand the USMC, and respect their training. I am so proud to say that my son is being trained by the best and is receiving the best training in the world! Sgt. Frasier has done an outstanding job and has connected so well with the families. With every blog a new since of peace would come over me. I truly feel a part of the Marine Corp family now. This site has blessed me beyond measure! Thank you! Semper Fi !

  21. Thank you USMC for coming up with the idea of social media. Sgt Fraiser has done a superb job of informing us parents each week as to what our recruits are going through and trying to think of questions we may ask. I’ve had parents and even recent graduates ask me how are you getting those pictures of your recuit in training. It’s been and amazing gift to have this look inside bootcamp, my son would have never been able to capture in words what all he went through in boot camp and Sgt Fraiser gave all of that to us and more. She did an excellent job, probably above and beyond what her assignment required and this parent certainly did appreciate everything that she posted. As I said before what a gift to be able to see my son, in training. Not receiving a letter from my son was bearable because I already knew what was going on at bootcamp because Sgt Frasier was showing us. Thank you for choosing this young woman for this assignment she did an EXCELLENT JOB. I hope I speak for many other parents as well. There has to be another word to express by gratitude thank you just does’t cover it. But until I can think of another word please accept my appreciation and thank you for the service Sgt. Fraiser provided. This was the first time my son was away from home longer than a month, let alone what he was enduring.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  22. Thank you USMC for coming up with the idea of social media. Sgt Fraiser has done a superb job of informing us parents each week as to what our recruits are going through and trying to think of questions we may ask. I’ve had parents and even recent graduates ask me how are you getting those pictures of your recuit in training. It’s been and amazing gift to have this look inside bootcamp, my son would have never been able to capture in words what all he went through in boot camp and Sgt Fraiser gave all of that to us and more. She did an excellent job, probably above and beyond what her assignment required and this parent certainly did appreciate everything that she posted. As I said before what a gift to be able to see my son, in training. Not receiving a letter from my son was bearable because I already knew what was going on at bootcamp because Sgt Frasier was showing us. Thank you for choosing this young woman for this assignment she did an EXCELLENT JOB. I hope I speak for many other parents as well. There has to be another word to express by gratitude thank you just does’t cover it. But until I can think of another word please accept my appreciation and thank you for the service Sgt. Fraiser provided. This was the first time my son was away from home longer than a month, let alone what he was enduring.

    Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

  23. Thank you so much Sgt. Frasier for all you have done with this blog! We’re near the end and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without all of your help. You allowed all of us to see a glimpse of what it was like for our loved ones during this intense process and we are all so grateful to have had this. You are an amazing person and your dedication shows through this blog and definitely the thousands of pictures on the flickr page. All I can say is thank you so much, I will never forget this.

  24. Thank you very much. Sgt. Frasier has been a blessing to myself and so many others during this hard time. She has given us encouragement and answers when we needed them. Without her hard work and dedication to the Marine Corps. and our Marines, we would have felt much more lost and unsure of their decisions. Sgt. Whitney Frasier has not only shown us what it means to be a Marine, but has put many parents and other loved ones at ease about their Marine’s decision to join. The level of support has increased drastically with each blog. From the bottom of my heart and the hearts of so many others, thank you Sgt. Frasier.

    • my guess is no, unless you call this answering the question you asked. then the answer is yes. But if you posted a specific question I’d have to say maybe you’d get an answer.. anyway good luck

  25. Sgt. Frasier:
    Now that we are about to graduate, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everythng you have done for us. You made going through this process a lot easier. One of the reasons it was easier for me was the fact you shared with us what the Marines were all about. I did not want my son to go into the Marines. His recruier was wonderful and talked me into it since my son was 17 and I had to sign for him. My son wanted me to be happy for him so he asked his recruiter to talk to me. I was so nervous about it but I knew my son wanted to do this. When I got on the facebook page and meet you, I really began to be happy with my son’s decision. You really put me at ease with helping us understand what as going on and why things were the way they were. I have shared these photos and your blogs with my students. I have found that they have a different outlook on the Marines also. I have even had some that want to join when they get older. I have enjoyed sharing everything about the Marines to whoever I can. I could not have done that without you, blog, pictures and videos. Thank you so much for everything you have done. It has not gone unnoticed. I can’t wait to share these with my son when I get to see him in two days. I also have used a lot to make a scrapbook for my son so his children and one day grandchildren will see what their ancestors are all about.

  26. Thank you so much for this blog and all of the pictures and videos. The hard work that Sgt. Frasier put in to this project has meant so much to so many families. Sending my sons off to boot camp was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Knowing that when I got to see them again they would be changed. They wouldn’t be kids anymore. They would be much more than just my sons. Having this source of information and knowledge has helped me and many other parents through this process more than you can know. Sgt. Frasier has been invaluable to the Golf Company families. We are truly blessed to have had this opportunity to meet her and learn from her. Thank you Sgt. Frasier for everything and thank you USMC for allowing her to do this most appreciated project. I sincerely hope that she and others will be able to continue this work in the future so that many more families can experience what we have.

  27. Thank you Sgt. Frasier for giving me the opportunity to peek into the true USMC basic training. I am hoping to sign my DEP contract this summer so I can ship out right after high school graduation! I have to say that my Junior year has seemed to have slowed down after I made the decision to join the Corps and it’s killing me, haha! I appreciate everything you have done for these families and those interested in the Corps. Although I know none of the recruits we watched become Marines, I hope that one day I may stand with them and call them my brothers.

  28. I guess Sgt. Frasier was pulled off this detail and the person/people who was/were supposed to update this site TODAY dropped the ball.

  29. Conratulations Golf Co.!!! We are so proud of you!! The time is finally here for us to go see our marines!!! Isaac we are so proud of you son!! N we can’t wait to see you!!! Sgt. Frazier! Thank you for making this journey so much easier for us. We appreciate all the time you put into all the photos n videos. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

    • I attempted to email the person at the address given at the top, but got no response. The least he/she could have done was remove the comment about the update. If you don’t plan to follow through, don’t make empty promises. OORAH.

      • Wow. I’m speechless at the attitudes of some posters. Did you forget when you said goodbye to your loved one that the only form of communication would be via letters? Why would you be so
        quick with negative comments? This was a blessing to even get a glimpse of boot camp life and for what ever reason Sgt. Frasier has not posted. None of our business why. Think about seeing your new marine at graduation.

      • Yes but she was put in charge of this blog and had a mission for it. In my opinion she has not followed through and done as well as she could have when this was her task. Yes she has followed them and told us some they have gone through, but this has not been updated in a long time. Not to mention when she did update she was a week behind everytime. This was put in her hands and her job to do. While we may be more fortunate than others, she has not done the job set out to do.

      • If you haven’t noticed, that last post wasn’t made by me. I was pulled from the project. They failed to post the update.

  30. To Sean’s mom: this isn’t about being negative, but rather about following through with something you have committed yourself to doing. Doing something for the sake of doing it doesn’t make sense unless you’re committed to doing it right and follow through to the end. If it were up to me, I would not even offer you this site, as it entails way too much involvement and I don’t believe that parents need a play by play of what goes on in Marine Corps boot camp, but since it was offered, I expected the update and not to be left hanging.

      • I’m sure there’s a vali reason why she hasn’t updated the blog. With the military you never know. Sgt Frasier should be commended for her work. I hope you get your reason why. As for me. I’m bringing my Marine home. Nothing else matters.

  31. I would assume that if you haven’t heard anything by now, you will be seeing your MARINE in a day or two. We leave this afternoon and now that it is finally here and I get to see my son – this site isn’t so important. Thank you to all the hard work that was put in to keeping us updated. I can’t wait to meet my son’s friends and family. God Bless you all and see you soon!

  32. I can tell there are a lot of NFL fans blogging to Sgt Frasier. Love one day, can’t stand the next. Anyway, having said that, I thank God for what has been posted. We got to see our son in 3 videos, three excellent shots, Got many pictures on flicr. This is the Marine Corps. There are no promises! As a Marine Infantry myself, I told my son expect the unexpected, never volunteer, there will be MANY up’s and downs in the Corps. Always appreciate the small things in life and when something goes wrong, think of how good the Lord has been to you and your eternal promise. We have no idea why Sgt Frasier hasn’t updated but I will say this, there is a good reason why she hasn’t. I thank God for my son, the DI’s, the Marines, Sgt Frasier and her superiors. Plus, look at the weather expected on Thursday and Friday. Mid 60’s, clear and sunny!!! and they get to spend Thanksgiving with us. One of my son’s friends is joining the Marines but will be unable to attend Boot Camp until November of next year. See you all in San Diego!

    • I think the good reason she hasn’t updated it is because she is no longer on this detail! I’m sure if she were, it would be current.

      • I own that tonight she has planned a dinner off base for parents to meet the DI’s…Maybe she is busy with that….Any parents would of heard from the DI’s if your son is not graduating….We just just be thankful for what was posted….On my way to San Deigo as I type this to go to the dinner….See all of you tomorrow at family day……

      • That SUCKS! To do all that work and then be pulled at last minute! You did an amazing job either way! Thank you for everything you’ve done for the families and friends of our country’s newest Marines, Sgt. Frasier!

  33. Sgt. Fraiser – it is a bummer that you will no longer be involved in the project. I hope the work you did at crucible gets posted. Honestly this blog has been a God sent to me while my son is away. He’s not in Golf Co., but following your blog at least gives me some idea what he is up to and keeps ME motivated. Thank you for all that you have done!

  34. While I am not able to be there to this amazing day, I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Golf Co. Nephew Alan Baldwin follows his brothers Bruce and Phillip in the Marine Corp family. Much gratitude for your selfless service to our Country.
    A proud Auntie

  35. Sgt Fraiser, my family and I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work on this blog. It meant the WORLD to us to be able to follow our son through bootcamp through your videos, photos and posts. This is all new and foreign to our family and we were doing our best to be supportive of our son’s decision to join. The work you have done here showed us exactly what our son was experiencing week to week and we wil be forever grateful to you. I’m so sorry for the difficulties you encountered at the end, but please know that you have touched many lives and blessed us all. We wish you all the best. God bless you, Sgt Fraiser.

  36. Can we Please have the latest POST… I have a scrap book that needs to be finished. I was hoping there would be more pictures of my Marine to add there. I have sent two e-mails and have gotten no reply. Please let us parents know something.

    Thank You

    Donna Chesser (Hicks)

  37. Your Scrapbook?? Are you serious?? In case it hasn’t been obvious to everyone here, this is the United States Marine Corps we are talking about, not the local PTA! The command at MCRD has their own reasons for altering the delivery of information and for changing the personnel related to this blog. Neither our collective nor individual council was requested or required in making this decision. Do you honestly think the Corps needs our permission or approval for ANYTHING they do? Please remember that the command broke with long-standing tradition to allow us a glimpse of the workings inside Basic Training as a unique and wonderful experiment. The photos, videos, and descriptive musings of Sergeant Frasier should be regarded as gifts which should be cherished. They were NOT entitlements! Apparently, some of the followers of this blog were not entirely satisfied with the generosity of the Corps. This petulant whining makes us all sound like ill-mannered children rather than the parents of proud new Marines! For crying out loud, MAN UP and SHUT UP! This querulous “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately” attitude is straight garbage! It embarrasses our sons, our peers, the Drill Instructors, and the entire Marine Corps! I thought this past three months was all about the transformation of our boys into United States Marines, but some among us seem to think it was all about us, instead! I, for one, am incredibly grateful for what I was allowed to observe as my boy was transformed into a man. We should be happy that we have our sons, our new Marines, home with us for a few days. How about we act a little more like Marine families and improvise, adapt and overcome to FINISH OUR SCRAPBOOKS OURSELVES, for crying out loud!

    • I think the families of Golf Co. should consider themselves eternally grateful for what HAS been posted. My son is in Lima Co. and there are no videos or blogs showing any glimpse of my son. I’m a scrapbooker too – so I get it. But honestly, I’m a little miffed at the complaining for the lack up updates. At least you got to see your kid at boot camp.

      I followed this blog just to have SOME IDEA about what my son is doing – and when. You are all very lucky to have had a son in this Company, so be grateful this Thanksgiving that they are home with you and that you got to “see” them in their journey to become a United States Marine. Congratulations to all of you! Thank you to the Corps for allowing Sgt. Fraiser to follow Golf Co.

    • George, I share your sentiment on people complaining, although I also have to agree with MarineParent’s Nov 22, 2011 09:30 post. I do think this was a blessing to have the blog and it was a nice look into your recruits’ time at MCRD San Diego. However I don’t agree with how you (George) attacked Ms. Hicks. Yes, she did make a SCRAPBOOK. That’s her way of showing her pride, i’m sure you have some way that YOU show your pride for being the parent of a Marine. You shouldn’t put others down because their practices may seem unorthodox to you. One thing I know for a FACT the Marine Corps teaches is RESPECT. Maybe you should work on that, I know PFC. Hicks wouldn’t appriciate how you spoke to his mother. As to the Corps’ long standing tradition of boot camp secrecy, you are incorrect. I have seen at least 4-5 different documentaries on USMC basic training for both Parris Island, SC and MCRDSD dating back as far as 1998 all the way through 2009. Please know your facts before you make an overdramatic attempt to put people down. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.” -Abraham Lincoln Think about Pres. Lincoln’s quote, then reread your post and figure out how it applies, Mr. Bork.

  38. I am not the one that made the post on November 10th saying they would post more on November 15th. If there is NO MORE POST then fine I AM Happy with what I have and I will finish MY scrapbook by myself. I am Very happy with what the Corps allowed me to get. and I DO NOT NEED A LECTURE FROM YOU GEORGE BORK!

  39. Honor…Courage…Commitment. I can’t help but wonder what happened to the Commitment part of this. If you’re not going to update the blog, remove the post which indicates you will be updating it. It’s almost a week past due. In boot, our new Marines got IT’d for being 1 second late. Let’s step up and complete the task you started, please.

  40. We are still working on updating this blog with the final posts but are having some difficulties. These should be resolved in the next couple of days. Please be patient as this isn’t our primary mission.

  41. I just had communication with the PAO and he is having technical difficulties posting the update. Please bear with him as they try and work out the issues.

    Sempre Fidelis

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