Thank you to the families and friends of Golf Company for taking the time to follow along the 13-week journey through Marine Corps basic training. And thank you to Recruit Training Regiment, Second Recruit Training Battalion and Golf Company personnel for their support and allowing this project to happen. There was a lot of hard work and dedication put into making the blog a success. We wish the best of luck to those Marines who graduated. Semper Fidelis.

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12 thoughts on “Closing

  1. THANK YOU MCRD for the privilege of allowing us to see our Marines in boot camp, the blogs that were accompanied explaining each week we so beneficial to us new bees who have never experienced military life let alone Marine Boot camp for our son(s). this was truly a gift that took many dedicated hours from Sgt Fraiser to complete we are all so appreciative for this project and hope it proved to be a success with all the parents that followed it as well. Thank you for assigning Sgt Fraiser to this project as she obviously put her heart and soul into this project and it showed.

    Words really don’t express the gratitude from this parent, as 13 weeks was a long time to not see or hear his voice. To see him in the various training photos was PRICELESS. Thank you so very much.
    Very Proud Momma of Pvt. Piepmeier
    Joy Piepmeier–Sparks, NV

  2. We so appreciate the opportunity to follow our loved ones journey. Thank you very much. Will this site remain available for us to refer to? I want my son to see it whenever he is able to come home. And will you be doing this for future companies or was this a one-time deal. I re-iterate the previous two posts and will forever be grateful to Sgt Whitney Frasier.

  3. Thank you for the experience. I went though boot camp at MCRD San Diego during the summer of 1970. A lot has changed and I looked forward to each of your postings. During that time we never got to use a phone until after graduation. Our only contact with home was by snail mail, even when we first arrive. And of course our folks never got to experience what we went through. I think this is a great idea. And the DIs were a bit more rough with their language and physcial contact, if you know what I mean. After boot camp we went directly to Camp Onefre on MCB Camp Pendelton for ITR, another 4 weeks before we could go home. I wish I could post my graduation picture (Platoon 1081 Sept 1970) for the others to see. I ended up staying in the Corps for 6 1/2 years and left as a SSGT. I hope you are able to do this again, as I will gladly follow you again – through boot camp.

  4. Thank you MCRD for allowing Sgt. Frasier to do this blog and to follow our young men through this journey, she did an amazing job. I for one lived and breathed from one post,video and picture to the next and I am deeply greatful for the memories and my son may not know it right now but this blog is a keepsake that he will be able to share some day with his children and grandchildren. Semper Fi Golf co. there will be no others like you,

  5. Your post were a life line for me through my son’s journey through bootcamp. This provided a better understanding (less fearful) and greater respect for the Marine Corp. Thank you for allowing this opportunity.

  6. I heard comments from parents/wives of former graduating Marines wishing they had this opportunity to follow their Marine through boot camp. It was then that I realized you guys were going above and beyond for the families of Marine recruits.
    This was a very special opportunity that my family and I will cherish and admire for years to come. My family wants to thank you for allowing Sgt. Whitney Frasier to conduct this mission of blogging and photography in order to keep us informed of what our son(s), husbands and boyfriends were experiencing during boot camp. The ability to stay connected with this avenue of correspondence was amazing and very fulfilling.
    I believe this format of keeping everyone connected and informed with the recruit experience not only warmed the hearts of those who followed, but also created a overwhelming sense of pride and patriotism, not only for our loved ones serving, but also for EVERY young man making this commitment to serve their country. We were connected to the WHOLE battalion, not just one person!
    I also want to take time in thanking Sgt. Whitney Frasier for her dedication to this project. Even though this was an assignment and she was performing her duty, she gave much more of herself than was required; and anyone could see it in the work she did! Thank you SO MUCH Sgt. Frasier!
    I, as well as others, are hoping that this project was a complete success. Now that our boot camp journey has ended, it doesn’t mean that this project has to also. There will be many more boot camps to follow, and families of dedicated recruits wanting to be just as involved as I (we) happened to be. Please consider creating another blog for future Marine families and give them the joy in which you gave me (us). God bless America and God bless our dedicated military and troops! Thank you!

  7. Congradulations Golf Company, Parents and Sgt. Frasier. This project was truly a God send to you all. Our son graduated MCRD San Diego a few weeks prior to this group (Hotel Company 10/21/11). We only wish that we could have witnessed his transformation into a Marine the way you guys have.

  8. I’d like to Congratulate all the Marines who recently graduated in November. It was very nice to be able to follow along as you went through Boot Camp. Thank You All & God Speed over all your Tours & wherever you may go.Thank You !

  9. We to spent hours looking thru the pictures and videos for our recruit in Golf Co, and sharing what we found with each other, friends, relatives and co-workers! It was a great tool to bring awareness to the uneducated public as to what Becoming A Marine is all about!

    I appreciate the work that went into the weekly blog, the information and the US Marine Corps to try this experiment. I hope they will continue this program to help strenghten the extended Marine Family.

  10. Thank you once again for your blog. We have printed it and will add it to our Marine memorabilia. Is there a plan to publish your project as a book or magazine? I’m sure many would be interested. Including every family of every recruit! Please let us know if this is in the works.

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