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My name is Whitney Frasier. For those of you who follow the depot page closely, you probably recognize me as Sgt. Frasier. I want to take a moment to tell you my story as it might be much like your recruits.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps in July of 2005 from a small town on the coast of Florida. I had it pretty easy growing up, but I didn’t care for school. As a matter of fact, I was so worried about making money, I spent most of my senior year skipping classes to work.

Needless to say, my bank account started rising and my GPA started dropping. I couldn’t have gotten a scholarship to save my life, but I did graduate on time.

I was every recruiters dream poolee. I had already passed the ASVAB, I was on track to graduate and I didn’t have a plan. So the man dressed in blue offered me a plan. I was extremely hesitant at first knowing I have heard some not-so-positive things about the military. But I was fortunate, my recruiter didn’t sugar coat anything. He told me what the military could do for me and told me it was up to myself to go after it. He gained my trust and I enlisted. To this day, I am glad I did.

I remember being in bootcamp and thinking to myself, “What was I thinking, this may have been the dumbest idea I have had in a while.” Now looking back, I can honestly say, being a recruit was the easiest job the Marine Corps has to offer. All you have to do is what your told.

After completing boot camp in October at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, I proceeded to Marine Combat Training in North Carolina. I was miserable because I hated the cold, but the training was a blast. At this point you are treated like a Marine, do what you’re told and you won’t get in trouble.

In 2006, I was transferred to attend the Personnel Administration Course aboard Camp Johnson, N.C. I met many good people in that occupation and I like it because things were very black and white. If you knew the order, you were right. During my tour, I deployed with an artillery battalion to Iraq. Spent some time with Army folk, interacted with nationals and overall enjoyed myself. Being out from behind a desk really appealed to me at the time and that’s when I decided to do something more.

I wanted to be able to make an impact on people’s everyday lives. So I decided to change my specialty. That’s how I ended up a combat correspondent. Since the switch, I have worked at The Globe, the base newspaper aboard Camp Lejeune; The Convoy, the group circular for 1st Marine Logistics Group and The Chevron, the base paper for Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

Currently I serve as the Community relations and Media non-commissioned officer in charge for the Public Affairs Office aboard the depot. Social media has become a huge part of my job description and I am willing to take it where ever it lets me.

I understand the importance of a family, as I have one of my own. Because of this, keeping you up to speed has become one of my top priorities. I hope this blog finds you in good spirits and whenever you are down just remember that your child has made the decision to defend our freedom by giving up some of his own. They need you to stay strong and show your support.


60 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. My name is Jim Taylor, I am a former Marine Cpl Military Police Officer. My son is at MCRD San Diego Golf Company. His name is Kyle Petersen. I am proud that my son is joining a legacy of Marines for our family. Semper Fi

  2. Thank you Sgt. Frasier for your passion of sharing, bloging, videoing what is really happening to give us parents, family member the Actual activities our sons, grandsons, brothers, boyfriends and good friends are enduring to become one of the few, the proud the Marines. Thanks you so much for your gift.

  3. Sgt. Frasier your last paragraph above touched me. Our boys, the Marines who are training them, and yourself – and all Marines – have sacrificed a lot to serve our Country. May God bless you all and Thank you for your service.

  4. Very good was in Marines from 74 to 78 would not traied that time for any thing .lost some good friends but they are never forgoten to this day .

  5. Thank you, Sgt Frasier, for your motivating recaps of what our recruits have been going through. My son is in Golf Co, Plt 2151 and I find myself thoroughly enjoying things from THIS side! Although, MCRD San Diego is a whole new world for me. I went to MCRD Parris Island in Jun 84 – Sep 84. My son is the first person to go to MCRD San Diego, all the other Marines in our family went to Parris Island (except my husband).

    I am thankful for all the new technology that enables you to keep us informed of our recruit’s progress. They definitely did not have blogs and emails when I was in! I look forward to reading more and watching the videos!

    Thank you for making us (the parents, families and friends) feel a part of the recruits’ lives and for explaining things to those who may not understand the whole process. I know there are many parents that truly have no clue what goes on and this will really help them.

    Again, thank you for keeping us informed. I look forward to reading and watching more!

    • Thank you for your service and your families sacrifice. Welcome to the new generation of Marines. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog and catch a glimpse of your recruit! Stay motivated 😉

  6. Thank you again for giving us some HOPE and Joy that OUR SON is doing well. I hope there is MORE of Golf Co. Plt 2156 in some videos. Its GOOD for Clays brothers and sisters to see him. Thank you again. God Bless, The Ham crew

  7. Sgt Frasier, Thank you so much for keeping us family members up to speed with what our recruits are going through! The videos help alot….although I cannot say that I have seen my son in any of them yet…..he is in Golf Co., Plt 2156. Thanks again!

  8. Thank you Sgt Fraiser for your dedication to following your dream that dream landing you at MCRDSD were you have followed Golf Company in which my son is a part of it is people like you that make a difference in this world that bring the news home to families that really need it so to you love the in sight to the recruit training and God Bless. Go GOLF COMPANY AND TO 2156 YOU ALL HAVE THIS. FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT DLAW41

  9. This is great!! Thank you for allowing us to see what our recruits really go through. My son is currently in Alpha co Plt 1014 and I will watch faithfully to see if I can catch a peek of him! I miss him terribly, but I am so very proud of his choice. My father did his training at MCRD San Diego in the late 60’s and my grandfather did his training out at Parris Island in the 40’s. I am sure he is watching over him as he begins his journey.

  10. Sgt Frasier – I am a parent of Golf Troop Ptl 2151 B. Mohr. I need some help. I did not get a phone call and we have not heard ANYTHING from our son. NOTHING. I am frustrated and cry all the time. Can you please help? What in the heck is going on? ridlmarc@isu.edu

    • My son Derek is in Plt 2151 and we recieved a letter on 9-1-11 from him along with another letter from his drill instructor which had the graduation info. I would contact his recruiter as he may be able to help you as I would think you would have gotten something by now.
      We did not get a phone call either but we were told not to expect one from his recruiter.

    • Marci, I apologize you did not get a phone call, but you shouldn’t be alarmed. Here are a few reasons why you may not have received a phone call: The phone was broke and he did not tell his DI, He came late and didn’t speak up when they asked who didn’t receive the phone call, or he may have called someone else. I hope this helps and hang in there! If you haven’t heard anything how do you know what platoon he is in?

  11. Thank you for taking the time to keep us informed on what our son Derek who is in Plt. 2151 is doing. We were able to find him in several pictures and we are very proud of him and honored to know he is following his uncles footsteps by becoming a Marine.

  12. I just found this site!! thanks so much ms. Frasier! My husband is in PLT 2155 and i feel so blessed that God brought me to your site! I appreciate the work you do and you do have a gift for photography! again thank you!
    Lateasha Clark

  13. my son is Golf Co Plt 2149 from what i understand there was a drill something and i would like to know if the follow or the lead passed? did they both pass? how many times have both passed? will i ever find out. and i do like this page it has been so helpful with beeing a over protictive mother ,so this is very nice and thank you

  14. Thank you so much Sgt. Frasier! The group of pictures on the most recent photo gallery page had our son right in the middle of it! We are thrilled to have one-are you the photographer? If not, please tell them thank you!
    From Proud Mom & Dad of a recruit from 2154!

  15. Hello, Thank you for this lifeline. My son is Tomas G. Cervantez in Golf Co. Platoon 2156. Can you tell me where he is at this point in training? Do you have any pictures of his Platoon? Anything will help, Letters are few and far in between. Thank you for all that you are doing to keep us informed. God bless.

    • Yes, your son is in week 4 with the rest of Golf Company. The entire company stays at the same point in training with every platoon. Staff Sgt. Jackson and the rest of the DIs for Plt. 2156 are hard workers. Rest assured that your recruit is going to get the best training possible.

  16. Thank you for all your good work. Even though this is my second son to serve in the military, it is no easier to let him go. This is our first marine, all prior members going back several generations have served in the Army. It is so comforting to be able to see first hand what my son is experiencing. To those of you who did not receive the phone call, consider it a blessing. I did get the phone call and cried the rest of the night. It was very difficult hearing all the yelling and confusion in the background. My son sounded so very strange. However, once I saw the video of the calls being made (and seeing my son in person), it didn’t seem so awful. You have brought peace to me through these trying 13 weeks and for that I sincerely thank you Sgt. Frasier!

  17. I just want to say thank you once again! I cant express how much this blogs helps Caz is my only son and will be 18 on Friday I supported and encouraged his decision to join 100% as I know this is the best place with the best training in the world, the first few weeks were a little rough but with the help of this blog the posted pics and the now positive letters I am receiving from my son I am confident that he does have this and the next time I see my rebelious little boy he will be a US MARINE with confidence, respect and discipline. I am so greatful for all the DI’s, Recruiters and of course YOU! Thank you for keeping us posted and I look forward to your next blog/post. God Bless You!

  18. Thank you for letting us be part of our sons life in the marines. It would be so much easier if the pics were by plt, but they are so fun to go thou

  19. Sgt Frasier: Thank you for serving faithfully! 30 years ago I was in 2nd BN, Golf Co. Plt 2068 and was Honorably Discharged as a Sgt. I was a 0311. And now my son is in the same Company except Plt 2154. He also chose to be a Grunt. Do the recruits still climb mountain MF? if they do, please take plenty of pictures. I still have nightmares about that climb.

    • Yes they do still climb it. It is more commonly know as the Reaper now 🙂 Lol, and what makes you so sure I will be climbing up that thing???? Hah, just kidding. I will be there.

  20. Excellent photos, videos, and commentary! Thank you so much. We check every day for new downloads.

    Please explain “lead series” and “follow series”.

    • If you check on the Meet the DIs page it is divided up there and you can see what platoon falls in what series.

  21. Dear Sgt. Frasier:
    Will we meet you at graduation??? Would love to thank you in person.
    We are all very grateful!!!!!
    Proud Mom-PLT 2154

  22. Sgt Frasier,
    We just want to take the opportunity to thank you ever so much for your time commitment in following our recruits thru bootcamp. You have provided our families with valuable tools and resources that are “priceless” in our opinion. We have been fortunate enough to locate photos of our son Nick, not only has this been reassuring that “yes” he is ok but it also gives us the unique ability to utilize info we learn when sending letters to our son… This is nothing short of amazing, our family is truly thankful for your dedication and vision.
    God Bless you & again, Many Thanks for all you are doing for us thru your camera lens and blogs
    Mark & Lisa Roth—PLT 2154

    • Thanks again to Sgt. Frasier!
      My son is also in PLT 2154. I printed a copy of the platoon sitting on the bleachers. I’m hoping to get it back with as many faces labeled as possible. I’d like to put names with the faces of other young men in the platoon, including your Nick. 🙂

      • Theresa,
        It will be nice to meet other parents of the young men in PLT 2154. Mark and I are glued to this blog and check it everyday much like everyone else is probably doing. We also printed the same picture.. our son Nick is in the 5th row up from the bottom, looks like the 3rd from the left. It appears as though he is looking right at the camera with kinda a 1/2 grin. Only 32 days to go. Hard to believe, it some aspects it has felt like this is taking forever, and in others the time has gone so fast. The Blog Sgt Frasier has put together is truly a God send for us parents, and I am sure everyones extended family. Look forward to hopefully meeting you in San Diego.

  23. Thank you Sgt. Frasier for your work! I was wondering what the white card with a circle and an arrow pointing up represents on some of the recruits helmets. I see them on the 13K march pics. Thank you again!

      • Fireman in a fireteam formation? So are all the recruits firemen at one time or another? And what is that?
        I appreciate your time, thank you!

  24. Sgt Frasier, can you tell us which platoon had the highest shooting on qual day on Friday? Or the highest shooter or at least the score? When the recruits go UNQ, do they still get held back or is there a make up date? Or do they just apologize to the DI’s and call it even now? Just wondering. BTW; keep seeing our young recruit on your pictures. Thank you and Semper Fi, Do or Die on 8th & I Marine!

    • Only 1 recruit ALMOST UNQ. They gave him 9 tries… and finally he did something right. Rifle Qual is not over yet, table 2 has to be added into their score until it is complete which will happen at the end of this week.

  25. Just happened to stumble across your blog.
    My son graduates MCRD San Diego this Friday 10/21 (2nd BN, Hotel Co., PLT 2173). We will visit this site as well as your Flickr album with him as he recounts his own experiences with us (having photos should enhance his discriptions).
    Wish that a blog such as this existed for each Company and at least one of it’s platoons. My wife and I would often remark “if we could only witness the change that he is going through”.

    Thank you Sgt. Frasier for your time.
    Oh! any insight into Family Day and Graduation will be greatly appreciated.

  26. I truly appreciate your efforts! the parent’s of these recruits you are following are lucky to be able to see a few precious pictures! My son started at MCRD San Diego Sept. 26. He is having the time of his life. We are so proud of his decision to join the Marines! God bless all service men and women and THANK YOU!

    • Mrs Carpenter, I agree with you My son was sent out with your son…. I know the name he mentioned it when he called me. Lima Platoon #3241 If I’m correct. I praise God for all those who have chosen to protect and defend our Freedom… Mrs carpenter I would love to hear communicate with you?

  27. I love all of your pics of Golf Co throughout each week, however I have yet to find my son in a single pic! If I could just see his face in one pic, I would feel so much better! Plt 2149, Rec. Baer, thank you!! I enjoy all of your pics & posts on flickr photostream!

  28. Sgt Frasier, I am praying you get one great picture of my son in the DI’s ” classroom motiviation” while in the Barracks or the Pit before he graduates on 11/18. A everlasting photo moment. BTW: how can we get a hold of the base Chaplain to commend them on their messages? My son has written some great personal experiences during the Sunday morning service.

  29. Sgt. Frasier, thank you so much for all your hard work capturing our recruits earning the title U.S. Marine! We were able to see our son in one of your pictures of Charlie Co. Oct 11 he is in plt 1053. My husband and I both went to Boot Camp at Parris Island and to get a glimps of our son following his dream was priceless! Semper Fi!

  30. Do you have any information on Eagle, Globe, and Anchor ceremony at Camp Pendleton on 11/10 at 8:00 A.M.-Edison Range? We understand that parents may attend. Is this true? If so, are there procedures, directions to gates, etc., so that we do not embarrass our recruits or ourselves? I think they are starting Crucible so contacting the SDI may not get any results. Thanks!

  31. To all Marines: Happy Birthday! 236 years old. And what a shocker that the Marines was founded in a Tavern! Semper Fi to all the Marines throughout the world and especially our new Marines of Golf Company, 2nd BN. Next week we will see our newly transformed young men into Marines. The greatest fighting force in the World!

  32. Sgt Frasier,

    Kudos on the page. I am a Sergeant up at pendleton and was reminiscing about Boot Camp when I stumbled upon this blog. It would have been neat to have when I joined Dec 06, 2004, MCRD San Diego Golf Company Plt 2054. At that time Golf Company was hands down the most difficult company to go through on the Depot and I hope nothing has changed, we were the most disciplined recruits at MCRD. Loved ones, your sons are in good hands.

    -Sgt Ricardo

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