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123 thoughts on “Gallery & Resources

  1. My son left for bootcamp on Monday at 4am..He in SanDiego.. I would love to see more of what they go through.. I miss him sooooo much.. but I ‘m so proud of him to want to server his country!

    • OMG I saw my grandson in two of the pictures1 Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our family will be there this coming week. I am so proud of and grateful to all of these recruits.

    • I feel for you Patti – my twin son’s are in Milwaukee today & leave for San Diego tomorrow – how are you holding up? I’m in and out of uncontrolable sobbing. 13 weeks feels like forever at this point.

  2. My Son graduated this month. I still am so thrilled to be reading this, I wish I had this when he was going thru boot camp. thank you

  3. My grandson will be graduating from Boot Camp on September 9th. I feel blessed to have another Marine in the family. My grandfather and my uncle were both Marines! God bless America and God bless these young people!

  4. Thank you for posting these video’s and the blog. It meant so much to me since i can’t see my son (Aug 22, 2011) I still feel a connection with him and his fellow recruites.

  5. My son should be graduating 11/4/11. This is a great way to stay informed and have some insight on what they are going through. I’m so excited for him. He says he is doing well and working really hard.

  6. My grandson will be graduating September 9, 2011. I miss him so much and can’t wait to see him. The family is flying to San Diego next Wednesday!

  7. My son left on 8/23/11. I miss him but am very proud of him. Im not worried about him being in bootcamp because he likes a challenge and is very strong minded. He will make a great Marine and we cant wait until Nov. 18, 2011 when he graduates.

    Love you always Dad

      • My son also left for boot camp on 8.23.11 Ethan Golf 2155. I am so proud of these men and women wanting to serve their country.

      • My son Evan is in Plt 2150 also. Are you on the Marinefamilynetwork? They have a Golf Company site and also broken down into Platoons so you can meet other families in the Platoon.

      • Blain Kleinlein is in Golf 2150…Way to go son!!!!!!
        Can anyone tell me if there are some pics up of Golf 2150? Thanks a bunch

    • My son is also graduating on Nov. 18th Platoon 2151. It is good to know that our sons will continue to serve our country as I did from 1969-1973 USMC. Sempter Fi to your son and my son when they become a Marine and all Marines on Nov. 18th.

  8. Great message from you Dad….I also have a son. there he left 8/22/11 and will graduate 11/18/11. Golf Co. Plt 2153 What platoon is your son in? I can’t wait until Graduation and am so very proud of these young men!

  9. Thank you, my son is in Platoon 2154. Graduation will come soon, looking forward to it. Shane keep up the good work you are strong and a leader.

    • HI Shane’s Dad! This is Karen Snow, Jesse’s mom….. Wasn’t sure if our boys got into the same platoon…. Jesse is in 2154 also….. I haven’t seen either of them in any of the videos…. that might be a good thing for me! Can’t wait for graduation! So proud of our boys!!

      • Yes Shane is in 2154 also. I’m glad that they went in together in the buddy system. Shane and Jesse have always been strong. They got through football together they can get through this together to. I’ve been looking for them in the videos as well. I’m looking forward to Nov. 18 to see both of them graduate. If you or your husband need anything feel free to call 909-567-6620.

    • My son is also in Plt. 2154. Cant wait to see them. I don’t think i have seen my son in any videos either. However, with the shaved heads and changing bodies, its hard to tell. 🙂

  10. Did you know there is a facebook page for our son’s company? It’s the parents of the recruits and is very nice to get to know the others who’s sons are now working together for one common goal. Do you have a fb page? if so let me know and I will send you a friend request so you can join the group.

    • I would love to join it. I haven’t been able to find the friend button. Could you add me as a friend also? Thank you so much! My name is Dawn Van Laanen.

      • I will send you a FB friend add and then add you to the group. see you over there Kitty..remember to add me as a friend!



      • Kitty …there are several people on FB with your name. Where are you from so I know which one is actually you. Or you can send me a friend request. Anna Soza Durham.

    • Please add me to the Golf Co fb. My son, Emilio is in plt 2150. Kick butt!! Semper Fi son and to all.
      Gigi Ramos Sanders

      • Not sure who to contact but I would also like to be added to FB, my son is in Golf Co. PLT 2156. Can’t wait to see him, counting the days for Graduation November 18, 2011.

    • Hi Anna,
      I have a son in plt 2151 who will be graduating on 11/18 also. I have sent you a friend request via fb. I would like to stay in the loop too please.
      Andrea Bonnevier

  11. My son is also in Plt. 2154 and will be graduating November 18th. I received my first handwritten letter last week. It made my day and also confirmed that they are kept so busy almost too busy to sit and write us so when I do receive letters it is that much more appreciated. Thanks for the above posts, this is nice to read and share experiences with other proud parents.

  12. I just sent you a friend request. once you accept then I will add you to the group. It’s a private group just for the families.

    Thanks and see you there!

  13. For whoever was asking about whether or not thier sons company was going to be seen, I believe that at the very beginning of this blog, she mentioned that she was following 2nd BTN Golf Co., graduating Nov 18th.

  14. Hi everyone who has a child in boot camp right now. My son James left mpls on aug. 22nd and he will graduate on Nov. 18th. it cannot come soon enough. He is also in Platoon 2154. I received my first letter from him last week and he seems to be doing fine. He said he has met alot of really cool guys, and alot of them from minnesota.
    Thanks to all the young men and women who are serving our country
    Lori Pollworth

    • Hi Lori, our son is in platoon 2154 and is also from minneapolis! His name is Calvin and he mentioned your son Pollworth in his last letter and said they have gotten to be friends. So nice to know they are making some close-to-home contacts! We’ll have to look for each other on nov 18!

  15. Ssgt, Frazier, thank you for the pictures and your blog. I was wondering if there is there a way we can purchase these photos?

  16. i love all the pictures and i know all the familys do . i myself am haveing a hard time seeing my son Plt which is 2149 . i know i am not looking right spot most of the plt you can see the flag and i can not find 2149. can anyone give me a photo number

  17. Hi I have a son that just began his training. He arrived in SD 8/6/11 and will not be graduation until Dec. I believe he is in Kilo Co. It may be too soon, but will there be any pics of them? I have received the “call” but am waiting on the form letter with his mailing address, does anyone know how long that takes?

    Thank you in advance and God Bless!!

    • It took about two weeks to receive the form letter. You can contact your son’s recruiter and ask if he/she has your son’s address.

      • My son is in 2156. my name is Michele Carter Gerner. Can someone add me too. Thank you!!!!

    • Can’t find anything on the Facebook search bar for OUR Golf company. All I get from any of this is the general MCRD facebook page:
      If you have found anything more specific to our boys in 2nd Bn Golf Co., please post the address here so others can find it.

      Thank you

    • Just got a letter from my son today. He is on light duty due to a sprained ankle so he couldn’t participate. He said their group was the one to beat but they blew it. He says there were some major mistakes like hands in the opposite position in present arms. He says they got heck for it. He didn’t have the final results but is certain they didn’t win. 😦

  18. Hi George. I am a member of the group. It’s a private group so you have to be friends with someone first. I would be happy to do that for you. If you would post your name I will friend you on f/b and then add you to the group. It’s actually a very good place to go for support and information. My son is in Platoon 2153. Look forward to hearing from you!


    • Hi Anna, Thanks! My name is George F. Bork (middle initial is necessary as a distinction from my oldest son, George, with a different middle name!) and my wife’s name is Vicki Bork. Please add us both.

      Our son, Richard, is in Platoon 2156. We’ve been able to see him in several of the pictures ans just a couple of glimpses in the videos.

      Thank you for the link!

      • I’am new to all of this and this is great to keep up with my son whose also in Platoon 2156. How can I get the link?

    • Anne,
      I am the proud father of Recruit Chris Oliveira Platoon 2151 and a former Marine. I would like to join your group regarding Golf Company Information on Facebook. Could you please add me as a friend and direct me to the correct page? Our sons will be fine Marines on Nov. 18th.

      Michael C. Oliveira
      Danville, California

      • Hello Michael

        I found only one Michael C Oliveira on FB. I sent a friend request. I hope that is you. If you accept I can add. See you over there! Anna

  19. My son arrived in San Diego Sept 6th he is in Kilo Co (grad Dec 2nd). How do I know if they post any pics for them or it just a hit a miss and we just need to review all the posted pics??

    • My step son is in Kilo Co and graduates on Dec 2nd also. My husband and I are very anxious to see a picture of him.

  20. Chris is in Plt. 2151. In the First Week Video t the first classroom shot, he is the seated recruit at the left end as they are seated – they have a brief close-up of him.

  21. Hi to Anna and LMCDEE please can you send me a fb request I also have my little brother in 2nd Bn Golf Co Plt. 2156 Rec. Silva please I would like to see pix and hear more from them =)

  22. One of the Drill Instructors in Plt 2156 is SSgt Navaro. Back in 1982 one of my Marine Corps Drill Instructors was Sgt Navaro. Any way of finding out if they were related? My son is in a different Plt so I can’t ask him.

  23. I saw my boyfriend in about 5 pics and a little bit in one of the videos, THANK YOU so much. It makes it a lil easier. I can’t wait till November 18. Golf co. Plt 2153

  24. Hang in there twin mom…My son was sworn in Aug 22 (Golf Co). I have to say that i have met some wonderful people who’s son’s are also in Golf Co. It has helped getthing through the emotional turmoil. The first few weeks are rough but when the letters start to flow it is so much better! I would suggest setting up a facebook group for your son’s company. you will be able to find other parents in your son’s co. by going to recruitparents. com or They have groups on there but with the facebook group you can make it private and uncensored. Good luck and if you ever need to chat I am on facebook (Anna Soza Durham).

  25. My son left for boot camp on Monday Sept 26th. Can anyone tell me honestly how long it will be before I have his address to write him. Several of his extended family think we should have this information by now. Please help

    Thank you

    • If you don’t hear from him soon, call or go see his recruiter. He can give you the information. Don’t wait too long. They need your mail and support at boot.

      • I received two letters from him and now have his address. Thank you so much for your reply. His sister, GF and I have been writing him daily. Having this blog to read and follow has been more helpful than some may realize. We have been reading the blog together and watching the videos on the same week that he is current doing. I am in awe of what these young men are going thru. I will keep your sons in my prayers with my own.

  26. My big brother is in platoon 2154 and graduates November 18 hope time fly`s hope to see him soon so proud of him.

  27. go right to Recruit and sign up. Not only will you get all the info you need but you will meet the most amazing and supportive people with son’s going through exactly what you are going through.

  28. Thanks once again Sgt. Frasier. This small glimpse into what my son is going thru makes my life easier. He’s my baby you know! But was never babied. He was prepared – between being an Eagle Scout and in JROTC – but it’s still a tough 13 weeks for all of them. I do so appreciate all you are doing.

  29. Seriously thank you sooo much for all of these resources. It’s helping his family and I a lot to see all these pictures of him. Plt. 2154 Recruit Gonzalez, Juan we are great supporters of you and all of your fellow recruits that are now your brothers. Semper Fi!

  30. Thank you so much for posting the pictures. It sure has made things alittle easier for me and my family to know what my son is going thru. I’ve seen him in a couple of pictures already, it sure does help. I miss him sooo much I can’t wait for graduation, November 18, Golf Co PLT 2156.
    Counting Down….

  31. Thank You very much for posting the pictures and videos of the recruits as they journey through the transformation from boyhood to manhood then finally to Marines. It has really helped me as a parent, understand what my son is going through and it helps me cope with my feelings of loss. I know I will never see my baby again. instead I shall see the Man, the Marine that you made him into and that he dreamed of becoming.

  32. I miss my christopher groves so much. I see other marine moms with pics of their sons in boot camp. Is there a way to see pics of my son? The last letter I recieved from him broke my heart. Thanks for your time.

    • Hello,

      I am not sure if you are aware but we have a facebook group for Families of 2nd BN Golf Company November 18, 2011. It is fast approaching…If you care to join the group please contact Warren Crowe on Facebook and he can add you.

      We are also doing a meet/greet after family day at the Old Town Mining company. You can contact me at my facebook page as well. Anna Soza Durham

      • Anna I would like to be added to the facebook page. I tried searching for you but was not successful. Could you add me to the group. My name is Lidia Contreras from San Marcos, Texas. My son is in PLT 2156…Counting down for graduation and can’t wait to meet all the other parents…

  33. My boyfriend is in Plt. 2151 and I just wanted to thank you for posting all the pictures you do because I’ve seen him in so many!! It makes me so happy to see how amazing and awesome he looks! Only 8 days till Family Day, Can’t Wait!!

  34. Happy 236th Birthday, Marines! It’s amazing to know that my husband will be joining the United States Marine Corps come November 18, 2011. Ooh Rah!

  35. My brother Leonardo Gallardo is at bootcamp
    In San Diego california and I would like
    To see some pictures of him
    Thank you !

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