Meet the Drill Instructors

Back Row (from left to right): Staff Sgt. Glenn, Plt. 2155; Sgt. Downing, Plt. 2155; Sgt. Onello, Plt. 2149; Sgt. Havenar, Plt. 2150; Sgt. Nishnic, Plt. 2149; Sgt. Greidanus, Plt. 2150; Sgt. Peraza, Plt. 2154; Staff Sgt. Hlodan, Plt. 2154; Sgt. Black, Plt. 2149; Sgt. Stepp, Plt. 2155; Staff Sgt. Jackson, Plt. 2156; Sgt. Ammeter, Plt. 2153; Staff Sgt. Arellano, Plt. 2156. Front Row: Sgt. Garcia, Plt. 2151; Staff Sgt. Grundbacher, Plt. 2154; Staff Sgt. Sheedy, Plt. 2150; Staff Sgt. Chavez, Plt. 2151; Staff Sgt. Navarro, Plt. 2156; Sgt. Sanchez, Plt. 2153; Sgt. Felix, Plt. 2151.

The Drill Instructors Creed
These recruits are entrusted in my care. I will train them to the best of my ability. I will develop them into smartly disciplined, physically fit, basically trained Marines, thoroughly indoctrinated in love of Corps and country. I will demand of them, and demonstrate by my own example, the highest standards of personal conduct, morality, and professional skill.

Lead Series
Series Commander: Capt. Franco, M.J
Series Chief DI: Staff Sgt. Guevarra, G.C.

Platoon 2149
SDI: Sgt. Black, V.A
DI: Sgt. Onello, J.A.
DI: Sgt. Nishnic, R.C.

Platoon 2150
SDI: Staff Sgt. Sheedy, P.G.
DI: Sgt. Greidanus, J.A
DI: Sgt. Havenar B.W.

Platoon 2151
SDI: Staff Sgt. Chavez, D.P.
DI: Sgt. Felix, J.A.
DI: Sgt. Garcia, B.A.

Follow Series
Series Commander: Capt. Standafer
Series Chief DI: Staff Sgt. Willis, C.D.

Platoon 2153
SDI: Sgt. GarciaLopez, R.
DI: Sgt. Sanchez, C.
DI: Sgt. Velasquez, R.A.
DI: Sgt. Ammeter, D.A.

Platoon 2154
SDI: Staff Sgt. Grundbacher, J.W.
DI: Sgt. Hlodan, G.A.
DI: Sgt. Peraza, P.P.

Platoon 2155
SDI: Staff Sgt. Glenn II, A.
DI: Sgt. Downing, D.C.
DI: Sgt. Stepp, J.J.

Platoon 2156
SDI: Staff Sgt. Jackson, R.E.
DI: Staff Sgt. Arellano, J.A.
DI: Staff Sgt. Navarro, A.G.


20 thoughts on “Meet the Drill Instructors

  1. In doing some reading I found this quote: “I yield to no man in sympathy for the gallant men under my command; but I am obliged to sweat them tonight, so that I may save their blood tomorrow.”
    – General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
    Our family is praying for the DI’s just as much as our boys. Thank you for your service!

  2. I’ve found pictures of all of the 2156 Drill Instructors in these Golf Co photo sets and videos. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to post thumbnails of them in my comments here. By looking at the pictures and videos here and focusing on the Drill Instructors’ identification marks (name tag, IT trousers, IT camelback…) you can get a good grasp of several of the Drill Instructors’ names and faces. Using the Drill Instructor list here and any pictures or videos that show Plt numbers on recruit squad leader(?) armbands or on plt guidons (flags) and a Staff Sergeant or Sergeant in the image, and chances are good that you can ID your recruit’s Drill Instructors. (Remember that Senior Drill Instructors wear shiny black belts and the other Drill Instructors wear green belts.) This takes a little conscious effort, but it lets you know to look for your recruit in any group shots which show the Drill Instructors that you know are with your recruit’s Platoon. This works great for us whenever we see a new photo set or video on this site and we don’t want to scour every face in every frame for the one face that we recognize… looking for the Staff Sergeants first has proven to be a much faster and incredibly more reliable way for us to find OUR recruit! Good Luck!

  3. Here’s my attempt to post thumbnail images of the 2156 Drill Instructors

    SDI SSgt Jackson /Users/George/Desktop/Staff Sergeant Jackson Golf Co. Plt 2156.jpg
    DI SSgt Navarro /Users/George/Desktop/Staff Sergeant Navarro Golf Co. Plt 2156.jpg
    DI SSgt Arellano /Users/George/Desktop/SSgt Arellano Golf Co. Plt 2156.jpg

    • I second those sentiments! Ssgt Frasier my son is Michael Hawkins in 2150 (not as memorable as Blaine, but if you come across him….). I am very grateful for this blog and will be Happy to let who-ever it was know that if only I had his e-mail….I can also tell him on graduation day. The photos are fabulous; you have a gift. athleen Hawkins

  4. Good luck Golf Co. They should be moving to Pendleton for 2nd Phase here within the next couple week. Don’t mean to brag but they’re gonna need all the luck they can get if they want to beat Bravo Co. Plt. 1036’s Final Drill record :p

    2153 should remember me. Drill Instructor Sgt. Rogers and I did their IT breif the week they picked up. Crazy how time flys.

  5. Just found this site….my son is in Golf Co. Platoon 2156 and I’ve been looking for pictures or videos. I see that someone posted that there are pictures up but where? Can someone please guide me to it. Thank you.

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